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Veterans Day Weekend at Casinos

Casino Games - Veterans Day
It’s that time of year when the United States pays tribute to the men and women that have served the country in the military. Also known in other parts of the world as Remembrance Day or Armistice Day it’s a great way to honor all those brave people that have served their country in Wars.

Las Vegas is one city that never fails to the host countless festivities at this time of year. People line the streets to watch the spectacular parade, free drinks are available at many bars and clubs, a Tribute to the Troops is held at Venetian Casino, free meals for all veterans at selected restaurants and many more bonuses at all the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

What about online casinos? If you can’t make it to Vegas you can celebrate Veterans Day Weekend from home without missing out on the generous promotions. Pick up a casino bonus from Blackjack Ballroom or Casino Action and celebrate your Veterans Day Weekend in style. You might even win some cash!

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