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Top 5 Casino Games Tips for Halloween

Halloween casino games
With the Northern Hemisphere summer coming to a close the annual holiday known as Halloween is coming upon us. Traditionally celebrated with spooky costumes, harmless pranks and chilling ghost stories we thought we’d give you a few ideas about how to celebrate in casino style.

1. Trick or treat is a definite ‘must’ for Halloween. Give yourself a treat by collecting a generous casino bonus and aiming for the jackpot. This casino offers the biggest bonus, allowing you to play for free!

2. The word Halloween conjures up images of ghosts and ghouls, witches and vampires. Why not celebrate the ominous night by playing a themed video slot game such as Witches Wealth and join the festivities of the night.

3. This is an insider tip – in honour of the holiday, many online casinos offer some fabulous promotions to their existing players. Our advice is to not forget to check your inbox for prizes or sign up with as many casinos as you can and reap the benefits.

4. Omens and superstitions are always heightened at this time of year. Increase your holiday luck at the casino with trinkets such as horseshoes, four leaf clovers and wishbones. Stay away from bad luck omens such as black cats, broken mirrors, ladders and owls.

5. This tip is for a little bit of fun for those that won’t be staying home. Wearing an impressive costume is an age-old tradition on this frightening day. If you’re going to a party why not go as something casino-related, like a card dealer or a high roller.

Happy Halloween!

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