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Roulette Strategy Tips – Increase Your Chance of Winning

Roulette Strategy We all know that roulette is ultimately a game of chance. But, with all games there are little tricks you can use to increase your chance of winning. There are many different roulette strategies out there that people use to structure the way they play. These strategies pay off really well and we’ll be explaining these in more depth in a future post (so keep checking back!). For now, however, we wanted to start with a few of the more basic tips we recommend you work into your roulette strategy that will help you win that extra bit of cash.

  • Choose the European Wheel – The odds of winning are significantly increased when you play on a European roulette wheel as opposed to an American roulette wheel. The American wheel features a 0, a 00 and 36 numbers. It has a house edge of 5.26%, or a 1/38 chance of winning on a single bet. The European wheel, on the other hand, is more advantageous to the player. This wheel features a 0 and 36 numbers thereby reducing the house edge to 2.7%, or a 1/37 chance of winning on a single bet.
  • Look for the ‘Surrender’ Rule – this is a worthwhile rule that can be used to your advantage if you work it in to your strategy. If you’re playing at a roulette table that allows the surrender rule and the ball lands on a 0 or 00, you will only lose half of your even money bets (odd/even, high/low, red/black). Atlantic City casinos often offer this rule, but it can be hard to find these days.
  • Try the ‘En Prison’ Rule – like the ‘Surrender’ rule, the ‘En Prison’ rule is not accepted at every roulette table so you may have to look around to find it. It involves only outside bets or even-odds bets (such as red/black, high/low, odds/even) and allows you to recoup your losses if the ball lands on the 0. If this happens a player can choose to leave their bet on the table (‘in prison’) until the next spin of the wheel. If the player wins on the next spin, they will get their bet back but if they lose they will lose the bet.

Now you’re aware of these simple tips you can include them in your roulette strategy. They will give you a better chance of winning and also increase your knowledge of this fantastic game. If you want to practice roulette, try this casino as it allows you to play for free before betting your own money. Enjoy!

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