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I love all the card games on offer at – trust me, I’ve played ‘em all! There’re over 30 variations of poker and blackjack, each with little quirks that keep me amused. My favourite at the moment is Multi Hand European Blackjack Gold which lets you play up to five hands in a game. After all, the more hands you play, the more chances you have of winning … which is always a good thing!! There’s no cheeky dealer peek on this one, so it’s your skills and instinct that you have to trust instead. As it’s online though, who says you can’t have a players guide sitting on the table next to you. Stick to the blackjack strategy and take all the time on a hand that you want – it’s the beauty of online blackjack!

I love playing online blackjack at I used to play at land-based casinos a lot before I got banned for d & d, but now I prefer to play online in my own living room. I can play any time I want, and wear whatever I want. I often play just in a pair of underpants! Heck, I’m typing this naked! It gets pretty hot where I live so I like to be able to sit around like this and just play online blackjack all I want. I once got thrown out of a casino for getting naked, but that’s another story.

Online Blackjack

So head over to one today and pick up your free $1500 sign up bonus. You can use it to play with for an hour or so and even keep what you win. They say gambling’s a mugs game, but they obviously haven’t heard of this sweet little free sign up bonus! If you’re playing with the house’s money, you’re the favourite in my book 😉

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