Play Online Blackjack

I love all the card games on offer at – trust me, I’ve played ‘em all! There’re over 30 variations of poker and blackjack, each with little quirks that keep me amused. My favourite at the moment is Multi Hand European Blackjack Gold which lets you play up to five hands in a game. After all, the more hands you play, the more chances you have of winning … which is always a good thing!! There’s no cheeky dealer peek on this one, so it’s your skills and instinct that you have to trust instead. As it’s online though, who says you can’t have a players guide sitting on the table next to you. Stick to the blackjack strategy and take all the time on a hand that you want – it’s the beauty of online blackjack!

I love playing online blackjack at I used to play at land-based casinos a lot before I got banned for d & d, but now I prefer to play online in my own living room. I can play any time I want, and wear whatever I want. I often play just in a pair of underpants! Heck, I’m typing this naked! It gets pretty hot where I live so I like to be able to sit around like this and just play online blackjack all I want. I once got thrown out of a casino for getting naked, but that’s another story.

Online Blackjack

So head over to one today and pick up your free $1500 sign up bonus. You can use it to play with for an hour or so and even keep what you win. They say gambling’s a mugs game, but they obviously haven’t heard of this sweet little free sign up bonus! If you’re playing with the house’s money, you’re the favourite in my book 😉

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The VIP Touch

If you’re a regular at one of the Casino Rewards online casinos, chances are that you’ve had one of the VIP hosts contact you. The hosts are a dedicated team of multilingual support workers who are always ready to lend a hand … and sometimes go that little step further for you. My VIP host is called Javert and I often phone him just for a chat about anything I like. He likes sports, in particular wrestling, so we have a chat every now and then about his favourite ground moves and grappling techniques. He’s also a keen trout fisherman. More importantly, he knows blackjack, poker, craps and just about any other card game inside out, so I often quiz him on the best techniques to get the casinos to pay out.

I’ve built up quite a personal rapport with him. At first we’d chat about the online casinos – in particular as that’s my casino of choice, but now I think of him more as my friend. He came to visit me once last year. We played some online poker together, and then had a bit of a grapple on my living room floor and a sauna afterwards.

Just between you and me, Javert throws me the odd casino bonus now and then too which keeps me happy when I’m having a spate of bad luck at the old card table. So, the moral of the story? Keep playing at any of the 22 Casino Rewards casinos, and one day soon a VIP host will be in touch with you to make your online gambling days even more enjoyable.

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Online Craps

As you walk through a casino which game is usually surrounded by cheering crowds? If you answered Craps then you guessed right! When playing at an online casino there is a fair chance that you won’t have the crowds but you can still enjoy the excitement of rolling the virtual dice and the thrill of winning!

Online Craps

Craps is often thought of as complicated game due to the technicality of the betting systems. We try to make it a little easier for you to understand by offering some definitions of the terms used in craps:

  • Pass Line Bet – the initial bet in craps. If the come-out roll is 7 or 11, the pass line bet is won. However, if the come-out roll is 2, 3 or 12 the pass line bet loses. Any other number rolled is the point and if this number is rolled again before a seven, the bet wins. If a seven is rolled before the point is rolled, the bet loses.
  • Don’t Pass Line Bet – this is a bet for the Shooter to lose. Basically the opposite to a Pass Line Bet.
  • Come-out Roll – the first roll of the game that establishes the point.
  • Shooter – the person rolling the dice. The Shooter will keep rolling until they make a point, or roll a seven.
  • Box Cars – when the Shooter rolls two sixes.
  • Snake Eyes – when the Shooter rolls a two.
  • Ace-Deuce – when the Shooter rolls a three.

Want to try playing online craps? Go to

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Online Baccarat

Over the years the game of baccarat has become known as a game for only the high rollers or professional gamblers. Recently this reputation has begun to change as the game has become more popular in the casinos of Las Vegas as well as in the virtual world. It’s a great casino game that requires some skill and knowledge of the rules to play online. If you take the time to learn baccarat and practice at an online casino you will no doubt find a game that is high on entertainment and rewards.


Similar to blackjack, the player is playing only against the banker. The basic aim of the player is to bet on which hand will be closer to nine – theirs or the banker’s. The other option is to bet on a tie. Cards from 2-9 are worth their face value, 10s and Jack, Queen and King are worth zero, Aces are worth 1. The banker and player will each be dealt two cards each; if the cards add up to more than 10 then they subtract 10 from the score. For example, if the cards are 6+8=14, then the score is four. A player can hit if their total card value is five or less.

The best way to learn baccarat is to practice. Captain Cooks Casino offers some of the best baccarat games around and allows new player to play for FREE.

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Online Slots Tips

Because slot machines are so easy to play and are primarily a game of chance many players believe they can just go ahead and play without any knowledge of the game. This is fine … but what if you want to win? We provide a few tips and tricks we’ve learnt over the years to help maximise your winnings at both offline and online slot machines. Beware – we don’t hold back so be prepared for the truth!

  • Believe it or not, a three-reel slot with just one pay line is the best slot to play overall. Multi pay line slots offer lower payout rates.
  • Progressive slots are great if you want to aim for a huge jackpot but your odds of winning at least some money are better on a one play line machine.
  • The higher you bet, or the higher denomination machine you play, the better the payout percentage.
  • If you want to win the jackpot you have to bet the maximum amount of coins. Simple as that.
  • Slot machines are never due for a payout. Everything is done at random so each spin has the same chance of hitting the jackpot. One particular slot game could quite easily hit the jackpot twice in a row, or it could go for days without hitting anything.

If you want to try some of your newfound tips, try Golden Tiger Casino. They offer a great sign up bonus that allows you to play for free and over 200 slot games to choose from.

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Online Casinos – Which one is the Best?

Instead of reviewing one of the many online casinos this week we thought we’d do something a little different and get the opinions of some of our loyal readers. We asked several of our most experienced online casino players what they think is the best site and why.

“Definitely Golden Tiger Casino! I won $10,000 on the slots there and have never played at another online casino since.” – J. Kesfrey, Australia

“I have a few favourite online casinos but if I had to choose one to play at all the time it would have to be Casino Action. I love the black and gold look of the website, the games are of the best quality and the customer service is great. I’ve won more than I’ve lost there so that’s always good.” – H. Fischer, Germany

Blackjack Ballroom all the way! If you love blackjack then no other casino can beat the variety of games that this website has to offer.” – M. Matthews, New Zealand

So now you’ve heard from actual players what they think are the best online casinos. So why not take a chance and see if it’s your lucky day!

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New 3D Online Slot Game!

News has been released this week that the first 3D online slot game will be coming to Microgaming casinos in June 2011. Stirling Silver 3D will build on the popularity of the original Stirling Silver slot machine by adding the amazing visual effects of 3D technology. Similar to watching a 3D movie, the graphics will be even more realistic as they appear to jump from your computer screen.

Zodiac Casino

This online slot machine has everything you need and more including Wild symbols, Multipliers and a possibility to win a total of $40,000! If you didn’t think slot machines could get any better, you thought wrong. This added dimension provides players with another incentive to log on to their casino accounts and try to make some cash. Try Sterling Silver 3D from early June 2011 at

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