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Over the years the game of baccarat has become known as a game for only the high rollers or professional gamblers. Recently this reputation has begun to change as the game has become more popular in the casinos of Las Vegas as well as in the virtual world. It’s a great casino game that requires some skill and knowledge of the rules to play online. If you take the time to learn baccarat and practice at an online casino you will no doubt find a game that is high on entertainment and rewards.


Similar to blackjack, the player is playing only against the banker. The basic aim of the player is to bet on which hand will be closer to nine – theirs or the banker’s. The other option is to bet on a tie. Cards from 2-9 are worth their face value, 10s and Jack, Queen and King are worth zero, Aces are worth 1. The banker and player will each be dealt two cards each; if the cards add up to more than 10 then they subtract 10 from the score. For example, if the cards are 6+8=14, then the score is four. A player can hit if their total card value is five or less.

The best way to learn baccarat is to practice. Captain Cooks Casino offers some of the best baccarat games around and allows new player to play for FREE.

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