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Favorite Online Video Poker Games

Video Poker is a game we get asked about a lot. It’s not as well-known as slots, roulette or blackjack but it can offer some excellent payouts. If the machine is linked up to a progressive jackpot the prizes are even better. We thought we’d give you a brief rundown on a few of the different varieties of video poker games you can play online.

Video Poker Games

Deuces Wild Video Poker – Cards with a value of 2 are the deuces and can be substituted for a card of any value or suit. The deuces can be used to make any number of winning combinations. The highest payout is a Natural Royal Flush and pays 4000 coins on a 5 coin bet.

Aces and Faces Video Poker – Played with a standard 52 pack of cards this game involves the player making the best possible hand with 5 cards. Extra payouts are given for four Aces or four Face cards (Jacks, Kings and Queens).

Jacks or Better – Another popular game of video poker this one is similar to Aces and Faces. However, payouts are increased if a player obtains a pair of Jacks or higher. Like most video poker games a Royal Flush is the highest paying hand.

While most video poker games are similar they each have their own unique twist that can help you win loads of cash. We recommend you try a few different games at an online casino such as this one to see what you like before placing the big bets.

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